Earl Grey Lodge as a Corporate Venue

Finding a venue for a meeting or intimate group event can, in our experience be a difficult task. Have you spent many hours trying to find locations which would be suitable to host an event? Booking usually comes down to other factors - accommodation, food, entertainment, as well as meeting room space.

"The meeting is only a success if the outcome from the time invested was matched by the enjoyment of those who attended". Phil

Earl Grey Lodge and Greys Restaurant is ideal for meetings, training sessions, and corporate getaways, it creates a unique environment to stimulate creativity and develop team bonding, ideal for strategic/tactical planning, leadership and rewards. The ability to use the local environment and activities enables groups to benefit from, teamwork, communication, strategic thinking and time management. Come to the mountains and review your Corporate Vision or Mission Statement. Use the peace and quiet to develop your strategic and operational plan for your company. Let us help to provide plans for the families or spouses while the meeting is taking place.

Ideal for rewarding your employees with fun and excitement!!

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