Winter menu including Xmas Eve, New Years Eve and Family Day weekend special available from lodge

Summer 2014

Open from 5.00pm Tuesday to Saturday    250 341 3641  

Children’s menu available until 6.30 pm

  3 Course Set Menu + glass of wine or beer $49.95 + tax  Tuesday - Thursday + full a la carte

(menu only available on day of production)

Vegetarian menu below main menu, gluten free options


Garlic & Tomato Shrimp $15
Dry sherry, saffron, olive oil & pine nuts
Coconut Mussels $14
Lemon grass, ginger, coconut milk, hints of rice vinegar
Boar Tacos $15
Slow smoked, maple BBQ, Pico de gallo & Feta cheese
Chick Pea & Feta Spread #14
Grana Padana, Pico de gallo, olive oil, warm local bread
Honey garlic Chicken lettuce wrap $15
crispy noodles, Romaine and shredded carrots  G
Tender sirloin, Raita, Crispy noodles & pineapple


Ginger & Noodles $12
Ginger garlic soy dressing, steamed noodles, baby romaine, peppers & toasted pistachios
Grey’s Greens $12
Ranch style yogurt dressings, goat cheese crisp baby romaine, croutons & seasonal fresh garnish


Arctic River Char $36
6 oz cut, pan seared, summer vegetables pickled red onion & coconut wild rice
Country Paella $39
Chicken, chorizo, shrimp, mussels, saffron & rice
Reef & Beef $45
Tenderloin, scallops, prawns, tarragon cream, summer vegetables & mashed potatoes
Black Angus Beef Rib eye $45
10 oz cut, red wine jus, garlic butter mushrooms & Parmesan bacon hash
Lamb Sirloin $39
8 oz cut, summer vegetables, raita & red lentil curry
Chicken & Mushroom Farfalle $29
Crisp bacon, Asparagus, garlic cream & Grana Padana
Pork Tenderloin  $36
Caramelized pineapple relish, summer vegetables & ginger garlic noodles


Lodge Cake $9
Velveteen chocolate ganache, oatmeal cookie, rhubarb preserve & vanilla ice cream
Coconut Lime Crème Brule $9
Rich silken custard, toasted coconut , vanilla bean ice cream
Ice Cream Sandwich $9
Double chunk chocolate cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, pistachios & marshmallow cream


 Vegetarian Starters

Chick Pea & Feta Spread  $14
Grana Padana, Pico de gallo, olive oil, warm local
bread or rice crackers
Mushroom Crostini   $14
Roasted mushrooms, garlic cream, Parmesan,
toasted bread
Grey’s Greens  $12
Ranch style yogurt dressings, goat cheese, crisp
baby romaine, croutons & seasonal fresh garnish
Ginger & Noodle Salad $12
Ginger garlic soy dressing, steamed noodles,
baby romaine, carrot, peppers & toasted pistachios
Bread & Butter  $2.5

Vegetarian Mains

          Ginger Garlic Noodle Bowl $29
            market fresh vegetables and steamed noodles tossed
            in house made sauce and finished with pistachios
            Farfalle & Peppercorn Rosé  $29
          Roasted mushrooms, fresh asparagus, cream, tomato,
             white wine, Parmesan
            Spicy Coconut Wild Rice Bowl $29
          Carrots, peppers & mushrooms, simmered with chilli
            paste and coconut sauce
            Grilled Vegetable Kabobs $29
          Market vegetables, Cajun spice, garlic butter,
            mashed potatoes, Tzatziki